Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Day after I became a Teenager no more

[If you notice similarities with my previous post, it is because I have been struggling with writing something completely unique to this one.]

Today is the day after I became a teenager no more, notwithstanding the fact that a teen-age had been assigned the status of being some sort of magic number for those who reach it in their years; when, in fact, the magic behind the number 18 is based on those things we may of right ought to already be doing, with respect to natural law & one's actual competence — where such things have been routinely denied & disparaged in contraindication of the Ninth Amendment, a merely-legal buttress of our unalienable rights that I should have previously said I will always fight for.

Another thought I have had about my autopsychotherapy, recently, is that the Personal Fable phenomenon I should have rightly been louder about may or may not have had an influence on my writings (mostly likely because of the nature of my own thoughts), which may have something to do with the fact that my cause is not only about myself; and that I have — quietly, unfortunately — seen through the Personal Fable phenomenon. Either way, I believe it pertains to one of those issues that I had not been coming to terms with the fact that I had thought about such things, notwithstanding whether I observe it of myself or of others.

That said, from now on, this blog will be known as, "An Archive of Young Thought," though I may decide on calling it something else in the future, while still preserving the same theme. I would not know if I would continue to post here — lest I recover myself enough to do so — but if I do, I would post with the same sentiment, with some reference to the same youth I bring with me for what I will always hope to be eternity, given my childhood resilience against death.  What does not kill me, either makes me stronger; or does nothing to/for me, at all.

Additionally, I leave with all with something I came up with when I went camping with my brother, mother and stepfather up in Trinity County, California, back in July-August of last year. You can find it here.

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